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Brand Identity

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Visual Identity Systems: Why Your Brand Identity Needs More Than a Logo

Redesigning Your Brand’s Identity: Knowing When It’s Time

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Engaging Leadership

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Brand Management

Experience Design: It All Begins with Understanding Human Relationships

House of Brands, Branded House or Somewhere in Between?

Global Brand Identity Systems

Beyond Consistency: A New Approach to Identity Standards

Effectively Managing a Global Brand Identity

Leveraging Imagery in Visual Identity Systems

5 Steps to Maintaining a Consistent Brand and Visual Identity System

Naming and Taglines

Taglines: To Use or Not To Use

Naming: What Makes a Brand Name Great


Eight Steps to Effective Multilingual Packaging

The Role of Packaging in Building Brand Identity


Print: It’s Still an Important Brand-Building Tool

Research and ROI

The Importance of Research in Brand Identity Development

Return on Marketing Investment: Strategies for Effective Measurement

Building Strong Brands in a Fluctuating Market